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Evaluating & Identifying Online Resources

American Psychological Association Unlike many of the pages I came across, the American Psychological Association website offers a plethora of in-depth information related to a vast array of psychology related topics. Their page titled “Research in Brain Function and Learning” offers information, as well as debunks myths, about learning and the brain for different ageContinue reading “Evaluating & Identifying Online Resources”

Why Does Tiff Talk?

Well, why not? My name is Tiff Palmer, and I’m going to be an Instructional Designer when I grow up. I’m currently a training analyst for a large healthcare provider, but I have dreams of doing more. As a full-time employeed trainer, wife, mother of 2 children, 4 cats. 2 dogs, and a hedgehog, lifeContinue reading “Why Does Tiff Talk?”

Instructional Design Blogs

As an adult learner and as a trainer of other adults, I am constantly evaluating how I learn and how my teaching methods impact those I train.  Since the inception of the internet, people have gained instantaneous access to an immense amount of information, as well as easy access to the diverse teachings and ideasContinue reading “Instructional Design Blogs”

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